Share your travelling experience and relive the memories no matter where you are in the world. World Phone® is the easiest way to connect with family and friends on your travels.

How it works

2-Minute Set up

Setting up World Phone® is fast and simple. Just download the iPhone or Android app, verify your mobile number, and you’re good to go!

Connect to the Internet

It’s important to note that World Phone® requires an internet connection to work! Simply connect to a Wi-Fi network or a cellular data connection to make and receive calls. Learn more.

Make and Receive Calls

You’re ready to start calling, receiving calls on your Secondline number, and checking voicemail in World Phone®. We hope you enjoy using it.

A Crystal Clear Signal

Clear and Reliable Voice Calls

With voice calls so clear, it will be hard to tell if the person on the phone is on the other side of the globe. World Phone gives you the most reliable, clearest calls possible.

Your loved ones can call your travel number and only pay a local Australian rate!

Your Secondline Number

Your World Phone package comes with an in-app Australian mobile number, we call Secondline. Forward your mobile and landline calls to Secondline so you can always be in reach around the world. Callers pay their typical Aussie rate.

No more punching dial codes to listen to your voicemail. World Phone's voicemail also provides transcription and easy voicemail management.

Don't Miss a Beat with Voicemail

Voicemail has never been this easy and intuitive to use. See your voicemails, manage and play them back out of the box! Your days of punching in voicemail codes are over.

Call up to 93 Global Destinations*

Whether you want to call loved ones in Australia or call the hotel in Germany, your minutes packages allows you to call up to 93 destinations. Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, the USA, and more included! Click here to see more

A package available exclusively for Visa Cardholders.

Use your Visa Credit or Debit card and get exclusive access to a World Phone package with a Secondline phone number, and outbound and inbound calling minutes to use around the world.

Visa Cardholder Exclusive


Standard Price


500 Outbound Minutes

100% Complete

500 Inbound Minutes

100% Complete

A Secondline for 2 Months FREE!

Divert your calls on your travels.

100% Complete

Prices are displayed in Australian dollars (AUD).

1 Terms and conditions apply

World Phone App



Available on iPhone and Android

What do our users think?

5 Star Rating

“Absolutely Brilliant!

This is a game-changing App. It’s very useful for travelers, corporate and family use. Basically for everyone.”

5 Star Rating

“Highly recommended!

I recently returned from Malaysia and used this App with ease. All the calls were clear with no service disruption…”

5 Star Rating

"Very Happy...

…with the international landline call quality my last calls from Australia to the Phillipines. The quality makes Viber and Skype seem quite amateur and underwhelming."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an internet connection to use World Phone®?

Yes, World Phone® uses an internet connection to use your all calling minutes. You can use the internet by connecting to a nearby Wi-Fi network/hotspot, or by connecting to cellular mobile data. Charges may apply depending on your provider.

Which countries can I call?

93 countries are currently available to you to call on World Phone using your Minutes. Click here to see the available countries.

How long are my Minutes and Secondline number valid for?

1Your minutes expire 12 months from date of purchase. Automatic expiration only occurs if the App has not been used for 90 days. See all terms and conditions here.

See our short how-to guide

* World Phone® requires Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection to make and receive calls thus charges may apply depending on your provider.

1Your minutes expire 12 months from date of purchase. Automatic expiration only occurs if the App has not been used for 90 days. See all terms and conditions here.